Artist registration ends on May 1st

May 1st will be the last date for online registration.

The artists listed below have registered in Eventzilla for the 2017 Open Studios Tour as of 4/26/2017. All registrations are provisional until high quality photos of the artwork have been received. If paying by check the registration will not be complete until the check has been recieved and processed.

  • Darla Boljat
  • Michele Bufton
  • David Cordes
  • Kathie Ellis
  • Penny Forrest
  • Evelyn Fritz
  • Joyce Gabriel
  • Tim Gabriel
  • Linda Gerrard
  • Chris Goldthorpe
  • Angela Grainger
  • Patti Isaacs
  • Paulina Kriebel
  • Angela Neiwert
  • Michael Orwick
  • JoAnn Pari-Mueller
  • Virginia Parks
  • Annie Salness
  • Donna Sanson
  • Victoria Shaw
  • Helvi Smith
  • Christy Stephens
  • Meylan Thoresen
  • Bruce Ulrich
  • Art On Broadway Gallery
  • Florence Street Studio & Gallery
  • The Village Gallery of Arts

Photos from the 2016 tour

Photos of the artists and galleries that participated in the 2016 Open Studios Tour.

Participating Artists and Galleries for 2016

A word of thanks to our sponsors

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for 2016 without whom the open studios tour would not have been possible.

  • Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council
  • The Cultural Coalition of Washington County
  • Beaverton Arts and Culture Council
  • Lithtex Printing
  • Gamblin Colors
  • Highway Fuel
  • Primrose and Tumbleweeds
  • Go Realtor Group
  • Lorraine Pascuzzi
  • Valerie Sjodin
  • Steve Callaway