Sponsorship for 2016

Here is the link to register online as a sponsor. The deadline to sponsor the tour and have your ad listed in the catalog is June 20th.

Thank you in advance for your support of the Washington County Artists Open Studios Tour. Your support means everything to the artists and the local community. Your donation and/or sponsorship will allow artists across Washington County to open their doors to the public, to help expose the arts to the community and educate them in a variety of different mediums. According to a Princeton Study, support of the arts contributes to the economic health of your community by building the prestige of your community and attracting people (especially tourists/visitors) to spend money by attending art events and frequenting local businesses.

Why Support the Washington County Open Studios Tour?

Companies in general have few opportunities to build trust and establish rapport with their customers and prospects. Getting involved with the Washington County Open Studios and being seen as dependable and supportive will accelerate the process. Attending an event is important but standing out in the crowd by being a sponsor will highlight you and your business with a captive audience. The 2015 tour had approx. 4,500 studio visits that occurred the weekend of the event. Visitors used the paper catalog provided free of charge to decide where they would visit.
The majority of people who attend this event will most likely know others with similar interests. Remember, not only will you be in front of them, via promotion and the catalog; you also have an opportunity to be recommended to their connections as well.
When sponsors decide to be involved, they will automatically get the benefit of being promoted throughout our promotion process. Although we have no guarantees, we have been featured on Good Day Oregon for two years in a row with onsite media showing a sampling of artists that will be on the tour in the week prior to the tour weekend.
We also organize a Sneak Peek Exhibition of artists each year to promote the tour and engage the public in the event. We make the catalogs available to the public during all events that we attend which includes events such as last years Affordable Art Show, where 500 invitations to experience the tour were handed out via the 2015 tour catalog.

Logo placement in a variety of places such as our highly praised Tour catalog, flyers, social media, websites, email marketing campaigns, signage, etc. will add to increase brand awareness. Each level of sponsorship carries with it additional promotion.

Most of all, being recognized as a sponsor will communicate value and support with the audience that supports the Washington County Art Alliance and the Tour attendees.

Sponsorship levels are as follows:

Support under $125 we will list you with all of our wonderful supporters in the front of the catalog and the website.
Basic Sponsor: $125 Eighth Page ad – Listed in the catalog with a full color ad, the website and social media
Silver Sponsor: $300 Quarter Page ad – Listed in the catalog with a full color ad, the website and social media
Gold Sponsor: $600 Half Page ad – Listed in the catalog with a full color ad, the website and social media
Platinum Sponsor: $1,500 Full Page ad – in the catalog with a full color ad, the website, social media and your location listed on the map along with artists.
Corporate Sponsor: $3,500 Two Full color pages for your ad in the catalog, your own page on the website along with social media promotion and your company Logo on the front of the catalog.

What to send us after you commit to be a sponsor:

Your ad:
Use a page layout program (such as InDesign or Publisher) for best results.

MS Word is not recommended for ad creation because of the way it handles — your ad may not look the way you intend. When opened on another computer, your Word document substitute fonts if the end computer doesn’t have the same fonts you used on your computer. Word does NOT warn about any missing fonts. So if you do use MS Word, please use Times Roman or Helvetica.


  • All color images must be CMYK (not RGB)
  • Color and grayscale images must be scanned at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. (Images used on Web sites have a much lower resolution (typically 72 dpi) and their print size is generally not large enough for good newspaper reproduction.
  • Bitmap Art should have a resolution of at least 635 dpi.
  • If you are using a photo editing application (Photoshop or Corel Paint) to create text in your ad, be aware that any text that is smaller than 12 points will not print sharply with a color or grayscale image with a resolution of 300 dpi. It would be better to import the image portion of your ad into a page layout program, such as QuarkXpress or InDesign, to generate the text portion of your ad.

Outline your fonts within your ad prior to saving as a .pdf to be guaranteed that the font you use in your ad is as you intend.

Basic 3” x 1.75” (eighth page)
Silver 3” x 3.5” (quarter page)
Gold 6.25” x 3.625” (half page)
Platinum 6.25” x 7.25 (Full Page)
Corporate 6.25” x 7.25 (Fold out of 2 Full Pages)

PDF documents can best be created by using Adobe Acrobat Distiller. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Distiller, PDF documents can be exported or created from many desktop publishing applications, including MS Word.

Email your Ad to washcoartreg2016@gmail.com