Bob Heath

Media: fused glass & sand-carved glass

Artist’s Statement: 35 years working as an engineer has given me an appreciation for detail and design, that I now express in the form of glass. My work often features geometric patterns with strong lines and sharp contrasts, often incorporating abstract elements. Most of my work is carefully planned, starting out as a detailed drawing. I use this stage to try out multiple variations on each idea and to think through the process that I will use to implement the design in glass. Once I am happy with the design, I often create multiple components that are fused separately, and then cut, shaped and fused together to create the whole.

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Address: 2215 SW 187th Ave Aloha Show in Google Maps
This studio is accessible.

Directions: FROM 185th AVE Turn west on Johnson St, go two blocks to 187th Ave, then go R about 1/4 mile to my home. My studio is in a metal building at the end of a long driveway on the west side of 187th Ave.