Bruce Ulrich

Media: acrylic & mixed media

Artist’s Statement: All art is an abstraction and painting is colored marks on a flat surface. They may form a recognizable image-but as Rene Magritte said “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” (“This is not a pipe.”) Painting is my way of my of investigating different styles and uses of abstraction to explore landscape objects or color and textures.Some of my paintings are more about various materials used to create texture and build up surface variety. The items include joint compound, sub-floor leveling mix, perlite and texture modeling compound. Each creates different surfaces and takes paint differently. I also use found paper labels and other found objects as design or texture in the work. Trial and error, play and experiment all are part of my creative process as the painting develops. The final stages are about the look and flow for the piece as a whole and making that aspect work to create a sense of completeness.

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Address: 8381 SW 184th Lp Aloha Show in Google Maps
This studio is accessible.

Directions: FROM FARMINGTON RD and 185th AVE Go south up 185th 3/4 mi. to Rigert Rd and turn L. Go 1 block to 184th, turn R. Go up the hill 2 blocks to Fallatin, cross the street with a slight jog to the R. It’s the second house on the right.