Map of Studios and Galleries 2017

This map shows all studios and galleries that are participating in the 2017 Open Studios tour. Clicking on a studio or gallery will reveal more information, clicking on a number in a circle will expand that cluster of studios and galleries.

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Artists and Galleries 2017

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Amanda Houston: 45.458354, -123.025779
Joyce Gabriel: 45.524073, -122.981512
Helvi Smith: 45.518796, -123.103243
JoAnn Wellner: 45.524142, -122.985320
Village Gallery of Art: 45.526442, -122.806020
Catherine Bede: 45.526584, -122.988193
Darla Boljat: 45.306664, -122.789383
Michele Bufton: 45.480254, -122.886409
Susan Curington: 45.481736, -123.264263
Peg Falconer: 45.484480, -122.847775
Penny Forrest: 45.518796, -123.103243
Evelyn Fritz: 45.486610, -122.868329
Tim Gabriel: 45.524073, -122.981512
Linda Gerrard: 45.459101, -122.822292
Merry Goldthorpe: 45.545949, -122.867129
Chris Goldthorpe: 45.545949, -122.867129
Patti Isaacs: 45.501993, -122.897431
Paulina Kriebel: 45.523021, -123.106383
Gretha Lindwood: 45.532651, -122.818351
JoAnn Pari-Mueller: 45.628697, -123.134979
Virginia Parks: 45.414009, -122.777224
Annie Salness: 45.533426, -122.806091
David Cordes: 45.515574, -123.113221
Art On Broadway Gallery: 45.487290, -122.805159
Christy Stephens: 45.457392, -122.845931
Terry Grant: 45.462391, -122.857068
Les Dougherty: 45.481736, -123.264263
Kathie Ellis: 45.609787, -123.208760
Angela Grainger: 45.560502, -122.846666
Jennifer Harlow: 45.356711, -122.841816
Bob Heath: 45.503793, -122.871142
Sam Hingston: 45.481901, -122.797195
Maria Huppi: 45.477203, -122.873153
Michael Mason: 45.548999, -122.798404
Dee Montague: 45.466683, -122.870485
Michael Orwick: 45.478682, -122.842212
Donna Sanson: 45.461902, -122.826918
Alise Sewell: 45.525923, -122.986507
Victoria Shaw: 45.479941, -122.766246
Meylan Thoresen: 45.558224, -122.862810
Nanette Tsatsaronis: 45.540314, -123.146705
Emma Weber: 45.484471, -122.847765
Bruce Ulrich: 45.458900, -122.866000
Jim Zaleski: 45.508329, -123.167321
Florence Street Studio and Gallery: 45.486401, -122.848860
Valley Art: 45.520358, -123.112476
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distance: 16.8 miles

Photo coming soonDarla Boljat

I create paintings in my home studio. I recently finished a series called the Seven Wonders of Oregon. I started painting thirteen years ago and enjoy creating art with acrylic oil and mixed media. I relish the challenge of recreating beauty seen all around us in nature people and animals. Most of my paintings are started by under painting the image in acrylic then finishing the details in oil paint. I teach acrylic painting at five senior centers every month. My students are ages 6-90 at the Sherwood Center For the Arts. I like creating commissions as well as painting just for the joy of it!
22870 SW Norton St, Sherwood, OR 97140
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distance: 12.55 miles

Photo coming soonKathie Ellis

Watercolor is magic to me. 25 years ago, I first picked up brush and pigment and from then on I was hooked! Blending beautiful transparent pigment with water and then watching the unexpected flow over the cotton rag paper never ceases to amaze and excite. The magic that happens on the paper would never happen with brush work alone. This last year my husband and I built a studio on our 5 acres. My new space affords a beautiful view of the coast range and my goats in the pasture. I am very excited to share my studio with the public during this tour.

51685 Nw Outback Ln, Washington County, OR
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distance: 12.53 miles

Photo coming soonSusan Curington

I am in love, and in fact, completely smitten by Nature. I find it thrilling when the light dances through a backlit leaf or flower petal or by the radiance of a butterfly wing. Color in a hundred hues, vivid or subtle, and luminosity move me in the same way some people are moved by a special piece of music. Beyond words and straight to the heart. Similarly, I love the surprises inherent in creating art ~ both in seeing closely and carefully and in the unexpected while applying paint to canvas. I am third generation on my land and have known some particular trees since childhood. Being in the thick of nature daily and being able to see the stars at night I wouldn't trade for anything. Through my paintings I hope to express the gratitude that I feel for the profound power and beauty of Nature.

56752 Sw Sain Creek Rd, , Gaston, OR 97119
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distance: 12.53 miles

Photo coming soonLes Dougherty

Resting snug among the rolling foothills of the Tillamook forest, my workshop springs to life among the trees. As my medium of choice is just out my front door, the process of working and shaping wood runs full circle at North Woods Figured Woods. I enjoy making hollow-forms bowls end grain cutting boards and flatware. I like to work with each piece on an individual basis, letting the wood decide what to become. Paying attention to the fine grain figure and spalt the pieces that I work with brings me joy, especially in the act of revealing their form on the lathe. My current adventure is working with "cast" pieces, a fusion of innovative technology and the timeless beauty of wood.

56752 Sw Sain Creek Rd, Gaston, OR 97119
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distance: 12.51 miles

Photo coming soonJennifer Harlow

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In sixth grade I ran a children's art summer camp in my backyard. By winning art contests, my art career launched at 15 years old as a commercial muralist for a shoe company in Los Angeles, followed by a series of high profile murals. My art has been featured from LA nightclubs to paintings hanging in Carnegie Hall NY. I have regularly displayed my art in Southern California Colorado and Oregon. Painting my way across America, I shared my love of live performance painting in 14 States. Currently I own Blue Plume Studio and offer tailor-made art lessons for children and adults. My passion is to inspire the God-given creativity and our unique identity that each of us carry within.

16067 Sw 1st St, Sherwood, OR
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distance: 12.48 miles

Photo coming soonVirginia Parks

As an archaeologist by day, I was first drawn to encaustic painting by its antiquity. Beeswax was originally used by shipbuilders to waterproof ships in ancient Greece. In the following centuries and millennia, the addition of dammar resin and pigment to melted beeswax became an important technique for painting death portraits, religious icons and other expressions of artistic creativity. The art form has experienced a resurgence in recent years and I embrace it both for its unpredictability and its adaptability. I am drawn to exploring ways to portray the natural world through color, line, texture, and multimedia applications. Birds, landscapes, trees and flowers (some might call them weeds) are among my favorite subjects to interpret. The learning process is ongoing, bringing me joy every time I put wax to wood!

9770 SW Pembrook St, Tigard, OR 97224
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distance: 11.69 miles

Photo coming soonVictoria Shaw

My work as a potter and teacher starts from a place of nature and connection.Often I receive creative inspiration while walking in the woods. My work on the "Totemic Dream" series references the connection with nature, human forms and spirit. The large sculptures remind the viewer of ancient ancestral markers and guardian figures. Round orb forms like those found in nature rest easily upon disks. The pieces are stacked on a vertical or horizontal orientation allowing "play in space". The totems are symbolic of the human journey seeking inner depth community and spirit. I am proud to be included in this show with my fellow potters.

5555 Sw 87th Ave, Raleigh Hills, OR, USA
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distance: 11.07 miles

Photo coming soonJoAnn Pari-Mueller

Flora and fauna are my muses. Their infinite colors, patterns and shapes tug at my soul and provide a counterbalance in this sometimes impersonal and mechanized world. I capture their essence in watercolor, pastel or collage and often juxtapose elaborate backdrops, grids, borders or calligraphic writing that imparts a uniqueness to each.

14930 Northwest Tranquility Drive, Banks, OR 97106
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distance: 10.71 miles

Photo coming soonMichael Mason

I use carefully dried, pressed and placed botanical material for my art. Floral Impressionism is created with Nature's color and form as brushstrokes. I am a local prize winning artist. I am a graduate of SFAI. I have been using the flora and organic medium palette for over nine years. My body of work contains over 150 pieces. Subject matter includes: landscape studies, animal images and abstracts. I am currently using my art to support natural habitat conservation.

3541 Nw 118th Ave, Portland, OR
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distance: 10.18 miles

Photo coming soonSam Hingston

I create mixed media sculpture, primarily using wood with the addition of other materials like metal, glass, resin and ceramic. My ideas and designs are inspired by reflecting on the things I see in the world around me, and finding interesting ways to interpret them with a focus on form and structure. I use typical woodworking tools with an emphasis on grinders for carving and sanders for finishing. Using techniques like lamination and inlay, I create striking visual effects with color and grain. Craftsmanship is extremely important to me, and I pay particular attention to the quality of the finish.

11625 Sw 7th St, Beaverton, OR
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