Meylan Thoresen

Media: precision board & oils

Address: 18004 NW Deerfield Dr Portland Show in Google Maps

Artist’s Statement: I put a spin on traditional scenic artwork by first hand-carving and then painting the "canvas" of each piece. Be it a scene from the world around us, an homage to a past artist or something completely unique, each piece is an original. From a technical aspect I don’t consider myself a painter or a sculptor – I just try to make each piece come alive. Details of the carved depth and shadow lines adapt to the direction of the light source, and the oil colors of the painting vary based on the cool or warm light created by the time of day and season. I sometimes question my inability to focus on one subject matter but have come to terms with this as expressing my varied interests and keeping the work fresh.

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Directions: FROM HWY 26 take NW 185th and go north. Turn R at West Union, L at Deerfield Way, R at Deerfield Dr. We’re the sixth house on the right. The studio is in the backyard, so come around back.