Watch This Space!

Washington County Artists are gearing up for the 2017 Studio Tours! We are thinking ahead to October, planning what we want to share with our neighbors, making sure our studios are going to be welcoming and interesting for visitors and thinking about what makes our art and our studio unique.  Through the summer we will be spotlighting the artists and giving you a taste of what you will see when you join us the weekend of October 21 and 22.

My name is Terry Grant and I am one of the artists participating in the tour. This will be my 7th year! I make fiber art and love sharing my studio with neighbors and friends every October. I will be coordinating the content for this blog this year and look forward to introducing you to the other artists as we tell our stories here.


Our 2017 Artists and Galleries

These are the artists and galleries that will be participating in the Open Studios Tour 2017.

  • Catherine Bede
  • Darla Boljat
  • Michele Bufton
  • David Cordes
  • Susan Curington
  • Les Dougherty
  • Kathie Ellis
  • Peggy Falconer
  • Penny Forrest
  • Evelyn Fritz
  • Joyce Gabriel
  • Tim Gabriel
  • Linda Gerrard
  • Chris Goldthorpe
  • Merry Goldthorpe
  • Angela Grainger
  • Terry Grant
  • Jennifer Harlow
  • Bob Heath
  • Sam Hingston
  • Amanda Houston
  • Maria Huppi
  • Patti Isaacs
  • Paulina Kriebel
  • Gretha Lindwood
  • Michael Mason
  • Dee Montague
  • Angela Neiwert
  • Michael Orwick
  • JoAnn Pari-Mueller
  • Virginia Parks
  • Annie Salness
  • Donna Sanson
  • Victoria Shaw
  • Helvi Smith
  • Christy Stephens
  • Meylan Thoresen
  • Nanette Tsatsaronis
  • Bruce Ulrich
  • Jim Zaleski
  • Art On Broadway Gallery
  • Florence Street Studio & Gallery
  • Valley Art
  • The Village Gallery of Arts

Photos from the 2016 tour

Photos of the artists and galleries that participated in the 2016 Open Studios Tour.

Participating Artists and Galleries for 2016